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Our Present and our History
The Embarcadero was originally called East Street. A cobblestoned thoroughfare traveled mostly by dockworkers on horses and “two-wheeled trucks”.  
The piers of SoMa/South Beach were originally called (from North) Mission One, Howard One, Howard Two, Howard Three, Folsom Street Dock, Harrison Street Wharf, Main Street Dock, Beale Street Dock and Brannan Street Dock.  
San Francisco had a population of only 30,000 by 1856. South Beach/Mission Bay was an industrial area, comprised mostly of logging, coal and gold rush immigrants. The landscape largely scattered with steamboats, storage warehouses, tents and shacks. 
A rejuvenation effort of the neighborhood began in the mid 1850s, but much of it was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake.
Kim Kobasic
Kim is the co-owner of the Brickhouse Café, in South Beach.   She worked at restaurants throughout school and was always attracted to the industry. After a few years in artistic development, and many years as an event coordinator, director & décor consultant, she jumped back into the restaurant business.
Patrick Valentino
Patrick is a Real Estate Lawyer, living and practising in South Beach. He is currently a partner with Real Estate Team at VLP Law Group. Patrick has years of experience negotiating commercial real estate transactions. Patrick serves on the Transbay Transit Center Citizens Advisory Committee.
Sherri Cookson
Sherri has enjoying a long and diverse career with Walgreens. She began as a bookkeeper and became a store manager in 1995. Sherri went on to manage 4 stores before being promoted to Community Leader in 2010. Sherri became a SBMB board member in 2006.
Chris Moreno
Chris is a Bay Area native and heads up Growth & Partnerships for Drop Locker. He enjoys connecting with local business owners and being active in the local community.
Rachel Cheng
Board Member
Rachel worked in real estate for over 15 years. She was as a broker at Pacific Union in San Francisco where she gained valuable experience, before changing direction and starting ZaZa in South Beach - a luxurious, yet affordable spa for women on the go. ZaZa now has three locations.
South Park was built in 1855 and modeled after London’s Berkeley Square. It was designed to be an exclusive, upscale residential neighborhood.  A windmill once stood in the center of South Park to provide pumped water to the surrounding houses.  
800 Embarcadero used to be referred to a Steamboat Point. In 1860 the biggest steamer ever to be built up to that date, “The Chrysopolis”, was built at Steamboat Point.  
South Beach became one of the largest Japanese American communities in San Francisco from the late 19th to early 20th century. 
In 1898 the “Folsom Street Dock” was a transport pier used to unload soldiers for the Spanish-American War. 
The neighborhood had a bit of a “skid row” reputation in the 1940s through the 1960s, but began a slight resurgence during the 1970s, when it began to attract artists and young professionals.
Ray Nyden
Ray Nyden is a co-owner of Pawtrero Bathhouse and Feed Company. He is originally from Chicago and has spent 10years living and working in Hawaii. He has been in San Francisco since 2002 and was a manager and sales rep for a large pharmaceutical  company for 17 years. He works with several local dog and cat rescues and is the creator of local adoption events such as Pawtrero's Annual Dog Day Afternoon and Pints and Paws.

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